Material Comparison of the picture and name of a subject, on it represented.

Indirectly there is a preparation for space education.

Material Various sets of cards of red, green and yellow flowers with images of various animals, plants, the subjects relating to the person.

In each series there is a generalizing control card.

On it all subjects, living beings or plants of a series are represented at once.

Description of work part.

The child displays red cards of one series on a table, examines them and calls that on them is drawn.

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My psychiatrist

My psychiatrist Actually, once I stop thinking that I only make laugh with the behavior others, once you start dancing, all constraint vanishes, and I at once have a feeling that I dance best of all and that I now object of general admiration.

My psychiatrist considers that my complexes are caused rather by a desire to be better than others and fear that I can not cope with an objective, than that feeling that I am worse than others.

Social programming Kakto of time the director of the center of health care of one of the largest colleges of the country told me that about five hundred students in a year of total of pupils attend in its center appointment with the same problem they are lonely.

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WINTER ENTERTAINMENTS WINTER ENTERTAINMENTS TASK Equipment: subject pictures: on the first it is snowing, children catch snowflakes; on the second children do an ice slope; on the third children sit down on a sledge on top of the snow Fig.

hills; on the fourth children lie in snow in a bottom of an ice slope, a sledge a row fig.

Occupation course.

To the child suggest to consider all pictures and to spread out one after another: What in the beginning children did, what then, than action came to the end?

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In a workshop

In a workshop Consider exercise and call: Consider drawing.

Call the represented subjects.

Lead round colored pencils subjects which the joiner uses, repairing furniture.

In a workshop to the joiner people bore the broken furniture.

The joiner repaired furniture, and it came back to the owners.

When the joiner was not in a workshop, the furniture talked among themselves.

Exercise That without what?


Finish offers, having changed words on a sample: Exercise From what what?

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I as will

I as will Not a question!

To go to shop to mix paints for walls?

Who, as not I!

A tile in a bathroom, porcelain tile on a porch, a laminate, a shower cabin, kitchen set and so forth, and so forth.

All this got out and bought under my sensitive management.

I as will remember the passion which captured me then, so hands and itch somewhere else to go and construction to buy something.

And interaction with masters?

It separate layer in my proslavery!

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